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Fanfiction archive for the TV show NCIS. All kind of NCIS fanfiction, bot gen, het and slash.
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Fanfiction archive for the TV show NCIS. All kind of NCIS fanfiction, bot gen, het and slash.
NFA Community :: NCIS Fanfiction Addiction
Author: wereleopard58 Rating: FR15 Summary: While in Mexico Gibbs spent some time out in the desert alone. He has come back to NCIS, but his senses are going crazy.
FanficRecs/NCIS - Television Tropes & Idioms
A page for describing Fanfic Recs: Fanfic Recs
NCIS - Fanlore
Show Synopsis. NCIS is a procedural crime drama following a fictional team of special agents in the (real) Naval Criminal Investigative Service, dealing with US Navy ...
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Series/NCIS - Television Tropes & Idioms - Home Page ...
A description of tropes appearing in NCIS ... Backstory: All characters have some, such as Gibbs having lost his first wife and daughter and his multiple divorces.
NCIS, Psych, White Collar Spoilers — Covert Affairs ...
Jun 06, 2013 · Will NCIS fill in the blanks? Will a White Collar romance heat back up? Are things getting “Harry” on Psych? Which Monday Mornings doc copped a role on ...
The Bad Guys - NCIS
Jan 31, 2014 · Back to NCIS Characters Some of the villains the special agents face are worse than all the others. Record whatever details of the main bad...

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